Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arrived to Rio on Monday and the Football World Cup had just ended on Sunday. I stayed in the other end of the Copacabana beach (Leme).

Tried to look Copacabana hotels from the Internet and all are basically quite same. High-end hotels with good quality, but costing over $100 per night. Be careful when picking a hotel in Rio! Most of them are NOT girl friendly. I emailed like 10 hotels and only one said that I could bring visitors (Golden Tulip Continental Lime). I could recommend that hotel for everyone. It was a great stay after shitty hotels from Africa and quite mediocre hotel in Portugal. Great breakfast, easy to walk everywhere etc.

If you are staying longer, rent a accommodation instead of hotel, it will become a lot cheaper. But that won’t help a lot, since Rio is fucking expensive. Same prices than in US.

I haven’t visited Rio before, but it seemed that it’s best days as a place for a sex tourism are over. They are trying to clean the city. In the Copacabana area there were polices every corner and you have nothing to worry about there. Balcony bar is closed. Help club is closed. If you are reading mongering reports older than one year, everything has changed.

So it was Monday. I suggested like three places to the taxi driver and we went to check them all, but everything was closed, including the Balcony and Monte Carlo terma. (Termas are like FKK clubs in Germany. There is a bar, rooms where you can fuck, spa etc). Finally we arrived to Barbarella, which was open. There was a single stripper, but like 30 freelancer girls standing on the hallway, waiting for a customer. The girls weren’t anything special to my taste. Looking old, big booties, big tits. But one girl caught my attention. Damn. I am mad to myself that I didn’t realise to take a picture of her suit. White, like full body leggings with a huge neckline to navel. O_O She had silicone boobs and squat ass and a big cameltoe and nothing under her suit. And I got and erection.

She first asked for 2 000 Reals ( 667 euros ) for all night, but we settled it down to 1 000 reals. Almost every girl there asked like 1 500 for LT. Maybe because of the world cup, or then fucking is just really expensive in Rio. I almost let her go first, because I couldn’t afford to pay that amount. She immediately got another customer and just when they were going out I said to her that ok ok I will give that thousand reals and lets go. It would have been too big lossage to me if I wouldn’t got her.

So we went to my room and had great time kissing her in the shower like half an hour. Same time as she almost rubbed our skin off with soap. :p The sex… nothing to mention about. No girl friend experience. She wanted condom even for a blow job. I never had to do that before. She was so high-class as it gets. In the morning she left 9am, saying that she promised to be with me to 7am. No girl do that to me before, they have always wanted to stay with me the next day. This was definitely something new. Or maybe I am just getting old and loosing my charm.

So off she went. I was sure I wouldn’t ever see her again. I was quite tired to just fucking without any feelings at all. But it surprised me that she messaged me two days after that. She wanted to go explore Rio, because she was from Sao Paolo. So we went to see Rio’s basic tourist attractions. No kissing or anything else. Spent whole day with her and with Google Translate. She understood only like couple words of English, so we needed to use Google Translate constantly. Then when we arrived back to Copacabana she asked if I wanted go to hotel or to restaurant. I choosed restaurant, which was a mistake, since after eating she had to head back to work. After that, we never saw again.

Stayed in Rio 5 days and after that left to Medellin, Colombia. Report from Medellin coming soon!


  • Learn Portuguese (spanish help). You get along with English, but you can’t have any kind of conversation with other people.
  • All night / LT: about 1 000 reals, depending where you pick the girl and what kind of girl you pick
  • Rio is changing from red light district to a normal tourist place. But there are still lots of strip clubs, termas and other venues to pick a girl for pay for play.
  • Taxi from / to airport: about 70 reals
  • Taxis inside Rio use meters and are quite cheap
  • Everything else in Rio is quite expensive
  • 100 reals = 33 euro = 45 usd

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Report from Accra, Ghana

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This was a lot of better country than Accra, in my opinion. Very safe, I walked around the streets at nights by myself etc. Everybody spoked English and in every place I was more than welcomed. People in Ghana are super friendly and it has a very relaxed atmosphere.


They asked yellow fever documents and visa on arrival, so ensure that you have those. There are ATMs on the airport, so it’s easy to get some Ghana Cedis immediately. Except that I tried to get 800 GHS from the ATM and it kept printing like 1 000 of receipts from the transfer, until we got someone from the money exchange to help us. 😀

From airport to downtown, expect to pay max 20 cedis for taxi. There are some guys at the uniform in the airport, which are asking do you have a drive. Like always, these guys are asking too much money. So don’t go with them. Outside the airport there are normal taxis (you notice taxis in Ghana by their yellow corners). Those are just as good as the other taxies.


I stayed at Niagara Hotel, which costed 150 cedis per night. That was a very friendly hotel. Of course, the staff were also looking for tips and offering that they could show Ghana around for like 500 cedis (what a rip-off :p). But these guys treat you like their friends.

There was also a restaurant and a bar. Wi-Fi worked great! Comparing to Cameroon, where it didn’t work at all. But everything else in my room in Niagara was very outdated and in poor condition.

Niagara is quite center of Accra. Just a walking distance to the Vienna City club.

Pick-up places

Well… I have to say that I was expecting more like Dominican Republic experience or something else – since I understood from International Sex Guide, that Ghana is really great… But there aren’t so places for sex tourists.

First night I went to Vienna City like 8pm and it was empty. Couple gays came to talk with me while I was eating. And that’s really all. One guy approached me and took me to small street which was full of street prostitutes. Nothing really worth of mentioning – they didn’t look so great. And it is just weird to pick somebody from the street when you have no connection with them and immediately start negotiating the prices… I am totally more like a GFE guy. But yeah, I took one girl for 50 cedis all night, which was a mistake. We didn’t have any kind of connection and she was just coughing all the time and didn’t look so healthy in other ways too. The guy asked me like 30 cedis from his help!? Wtf! But we agreed 15, which was a too much but I just wanted to get rid of him…

So I went with the girl to my hotel and took a beer in the hotel’s bar and went to my room. Still, no connection. Neither of us wanted to fuck. So I tried to sleep and after a while I went to pee and she followed me and peed next to me to the shower, which made me horny. But still, neither of us wanted to fuck and she went home. I’ve read the stories that in Africa the girls are coming back to your room in the next night, wether you ask for them or not. So did that girl. I have no idea why. Se just opened my door and walked right in, without any notice at all. Well I was going to eat anyway so I took her with me, but we didn’t really talk anything, just watched away. She didn’t understood English well, since she weren’t from Ghana. So I gave her 20 cedis and sent her away. She had tried to come again on the next night, but the friendly hotel staff has sent her away since they knew that I didn’t like that girl.

Some other day I went to check out Jokers, which was recommended everywhere as the best place to pick up professional whores. It was like 11pm in Saturday and it was closed and there was nobody inside or outside.

I also went to check the Accra Mall. Well, there weren’t really anything – specially no girls to pick-up. The movie theatre look small and rubbish. There were some expensive stores, if you have a reason to spend your money on luxury in Africa… but nothing for me.

After Accra Mall I went to the Labadi beach, which I’ve heard is another great place for picking up girls in daytime. The beach was shit. There weren’t really any girls. One girl wanted to show me around the place, but she didn’t look so great so I chose to walk around by myself.

At the last night I went to Vienna City again, and this time for my luck there were people. It wasn’t packed but still some faces to look. 🙂 There were couple okay looking girls, waiting for a oburoni (white man) to pick them up, but nothing special. So I left without a date.


So I left Ghana and went to Costa da Caparica, Portugal. Since it was the only route through which I could access to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil- Portugal is a wonderful place, if you already have somebody to be with. If not, you will end up watching hot teens on the beach and wanking yourself to sleep, like me. But when I get a Schengen visa to some girl, I will definitely bring her here.


  • Better than Cameroon
  • Very friendly people, who speak English
  • Nothing to see for a tourist. Beaches aren’t so great.
  • The food was okay and rarely very good.
  • Long time with a girl: under 150 cedis (of course, depending of the quality etc)
  • Best place to look for a girl is Vienna City and it’s near surrounding streets.
  • Taxis 5-20 cedis (depending about the distance)
  • 100 cedis = 22 eur = 33 usd
  • Ghana isn’t really a place for a sex tourist, but yeah, if you want some African pussy, you can get it here. But from my (very limited) experience, African girls aren’t anything special and there aren’t many prostitutes in Ghana when comparing to known sex tourism destinations
  • If you are a straight woman or a gay, Ghana might be one of your dream destinations. When I was leaving like 20 men and 2 women had asked my number.
  • Damn I miss Asia…

Report from Akwa, Douala, Cameroon

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Preparing for the trip

My first visit on this around-the-world trip was Douala city in Cameroon. Before I could go to the country, I had to had a yellow fever vaccination and a visa. Those are required from all people who are entering to the country outside Africa. You should also consider other vaccinations and medications too, of course. The 3 month visa cost about 100 euros.

Airport & flight experiences, Turkish Airlines

So like five days ago I left from Finland. It was a great flight, I was allowed to flight next to President Ahtisaari’s bodyguard, who was a awesome guy. We talked the whole flight from Helsinki to Istanbul. Just front of our seats were sitting Mr. Ahtisaari himself and her secretary, who also were great persons. Ahtisaari is one of my top idols in this world.

Turkish Airline’s business class was nothing special. Normal food, service and I didn’t specially loved the seats, because my lower back was just operated two months ago. I preferred Finnair’s lie-flat seats and American Airline’s business class. The plane wasn’t especially new, but overall the experience was okay. And the tickets costed only 2 000 euros. 🙂

Istanbul Turkish Airlines Business Class Food

So when we arrived to Istanbul I had lots of time to spend in the Turkish Airline’s Istanbul CIP. There were good service, great food and drinks, bool table, golf simulator, couple games etc. I enjoyed it. Too much. I watched the departure time in the screens, but didn’t realise, that ummm…, that’s the fucking departure time and the boarding closes well before that. So I missed the boarding by like 5 minutes. Damn.

Then I went to get a new flight from Istanbul to Douala. Gladly Turkish Airlines had flights from Istanbul to Douala once in a day. Since I had business class tickets that only cost me 10 euros, which was a relief. Since I had to go outside to book a new flight from departures, there was no way to get my luggage back. F*cking shit. 🙂

So I got a cab and told the driver to get me to the airport hotel. He didn’t speak like a word of English. So we drove around and I told him to bring me back to the airport. The airport security told him what I meant. He was going to miss the turn to the hotel again, but gladly I noticed that. The airport hotel was like a normal airport hotel. Just for sleeping the night. They charged me like 150 euros.

Next day I spent my time in the Istanbul CIP. It got boring. And for some reason I didn’t have access to the suites. My flight from Istanbul -> Yaondee -> Douala took like 9 hours and people with long distance flights (over 8 hours) or transit flights (over 5 hours) should have access to suites. But in general, suites in CIP are a great idea. There were only normal chairs in the CIP, but I would prefer some seats where I could have been lie flat or sleep.

So my flight left like 5 pm and this time I didn’t miss my flight. Even at this age, you still learn something every day. 😉 There was only one white guy in the boarding besides me, so Douala isn’t especially a tourist place. But that’s not a problem for me, that’s exactly what I have been looking for – at least so I have been thinking. We arrived like 1:30 am, an hour late. That wasn’t a problem for me. But the problem was, that our bags didn’t arrive. The plane was too full so they did left our bags to Istanbul and would send those to Douala in the next flight. Damn. I have had the same clothes since I left from Finland… Gladly there was a toothbrush in the package which Turkish Airlines gave to business passangers. 😀

Arriving Douala

I wasn’t sure if someone from my hotel (Beausejour Mirabel) was going to pick me up from the airport. So some guy approached me and asked if I needed help. I was okay with that, since I knew the taxi prices. (Always check the taxi prices from the Internet before you are going somewhere. Otherwise, you will get ripped off.) Gladly the Hotel had send someone to pick me up, after all. So I noticed that guy with my name on his sign and told that other guy that I was okay. Of course he asked a tip for his help. I had tried to find Cameroon’s currency from all airports, but nobody had that (Central African Francs). So I gave him 20 euros, because I didn’t have anything else. :E That’s huge amount in Cameroon. Gladly there were couple ATMs on the way to the hotel so I could get some CFAs.

We arrived to to the hotel and I was starting to figure it out, that nobody here really spoke any English. You will get what you want in the end, but having a conversation is virtually impossible and even asking a taxi driver to take you to a restaurant or to a bank can be f*cking difficult.

This was my first time in Africa. The hotel was shit and overpriced. I tried to look hotels from TripAdvisor and other places, but there shouldn’t be big differences. When you are going to Cameroon, you should expect poor hotels with quite big price tags.

Akwa, Douala, Cameroon Hôtel Beauséjour Mirabel Hôtel Beauséjour Mirabel Akwa, Douala, Cameroon Akwa, Douala, Cameroon

First days

First night I decided, it’s better to just go to sleep, since I hadn’t been slept well in the last few days. I woke up in the morning and went to look around. Couple little kids wanted money so I bought them sandwiches. They smiled and left, escpecially one older girl. 🙂 (Even buying a sandwich can be hard here, when you don’t speak any french. :D) After that I went to look for underwear, so I could change at least some of my dirty clothes. I got couple of t-shirts, underpants and socks for 10 000. Not sure, if I paid too much or not, but that’s okay. Didn’t really bargain, because they didn’t speak English well. But they were friendly. Then another guy asked me to take look of his store, I thought I didn’t need anything so I just kept walking, but then he asked again and I took a quick look. I said that I am so sorry, but I don’t buy anything and he got mad. 😀 It seems to be like this in every place, first people are friendly, you are their brothers, skin colour and money doesn’t matter and all that sh*t. When they realise they can’t get to your pockets they get fucking mad. I am not sure, if that’s a smart way of doing business or not. I wouldn’t do business with them or recommend that store to anyone.

Seeking out

After I got the clothes I went back to my hotel to work. I haven’t ever used so shitty Internet as I used in Akwa. Don’t expect the Internet to be working at all in there. Later that night I went to walk and search some girls. I walked around until someone stopped me and said, that it isn’t safe to go there or I will get robbed or beat. Some people here in Douala are very friendly, the hotel staff was nice too. So I walked to another direction. Some cigarette street sellers stopped me and asked where I was going I said I am trying to find some nightclub. They pointed me forward to some club, which seemed to be a strip club. Except the fact, that there weren’t any strippers. There weren’t really other people at all. And it was a Saturday night.

So in front of that club I took a taxi. I asked the driver recommend a nightclub and he took me to Mimosa. The driver said that in the opposite building there is a great nightclub too. (There is a club right opposite Mimosa, but I think the driver didn’t mean that. Behind that building there should be another club, which could be worth visiting… But I hadn’t had time to go there.).

So we arrived and when I opened the door the sexiest girl which I had seen sen Akwa just grabbed my hand and pulled me inside (not her, into the club). I hadn’t had any problem with that – I like girls who take approach and take what they want. So we went inside and ordered drinks and then she put my hand to her tits, pussy and ass and I rubbed her all over. ^^ That was great.

Outside the club there was some private taxi and the girl said he was her friend so we took off with that. I said that lets go to the airport to get my luggage and the girl didn’t had any problem with that. At the airport I realised that it was 12pm and the plane was arriving at 1am. So we went back. The girl wanted back to the bar so we took another beers and went back to my hotel with the same taxi. The driver wanted 15 000 CFA. What a rip off. No way I would pay that amount to him. I had already given 2 000 to the beer and he kept the changes without even asking that from me. What an asshole. I negotiated the price down to 10 000 CFA and even that was too high for me.

While we negotiated I think the girl realised that I wasn’t too rich. So when we arrived to the room she was faking drunken and wanted to sleep. I said her lets fuck or get out. She said give her 10 minutes. I was pissed off. I waited 5 minutes and carried her handbag outside. She realised that I was for real and that it was better to fuck me. To her it was okay with or without condom. At this time, I was smart enough to wear a rubber. Maybe I have grown up or some shit like that. Nothing special. I love fucking but that was really my worst experience ever. She was like a dead meat. Just like fucking a whore without any kind of girlfriend experience at all. I licked and fingered her like a minute but she wasn’t pleased and asked me inside her. So I came. In like 5 seconds. F*ck! In the morning we fucked again, for 30 seconds until I came! Seems that I have a problem… 😀

She talked all the bullshit that she liked me etc, but she didn’t even try to sound realistic. It was easy to be with her because neither of us had any kind of feelings. No broken hearts at this time. That was a problem too – I like having feelings with the girls I am spending time with or fucking. I said to her that I needed to work, since I really had lots of work to do, and sent her away. She didn’t ask any money but I gave her 20 000 CFA and she was very happy to that.

After that I worked all day and booked flights to Accra, Ghana. I had already bought tickets to Accra but I didn’t want to stay in Cameroon any longer – especially since my phone’s SIM and the hotel’s Internet weren’t working.

Leaving to Accra, Ghana

Next morning I went to the airport. I was there like three hours before the departure. Even the check-in wasn’t open yet. It should be okay to arrive two hours before the departure, but of course it’s better to bee too early than too late. 🙂

In the checkin the security took a long inspection to my passport, visa, departure flights etc. First he said that my visa isn’t valid since it had expired in 13.06.2014. But then he noticed that it was 2017, not 2014. Then he asked my flight bookings from Ghana. I had bookings from Accra, Ghana to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in “22. elo 2014” and he asked me what month is “elo”. I was stupid enough to tell the truth – I said it’s in the next month – after 45 days. I had only 30 days visa to Ghana. He said that if I agree that there is a problem he could help me and would be pleased to receive some gift from me. I have no problems of giving gift to officers when there is a possible problem. HAHA. So I gave him 10 000 CFA and he was more than glad. He said there wouldn’t be any problems in the Ghana’s end and gladly he was right. In Ghana I got through without a problem.

At boarding, the security x-rayed our bags and of course the officials were interested what the hell I am keeping in my cabin baggage. There was like 400 condoms. The woman said that I am sick and later on she requested to have couple, so she could have fun with her co-worker after their shift ends. 😀

I flied from Douala to Accra with Gambia Bird. I was scared that their plane would be really small, but it was quite big actually, for that kind of flight. The staff wasn’t so nice. It was okay, but maybe they had just bad mood or something like that. They were all from Germany, since Gambia Bird is part of Germania Airlines. Flying didn’t felt so good since my operated back is still hurting from all that travelling and moving – but took off always feels like ecstasy and it’s nice to see the world from a plane. I wanna be a pilot when I grow up. ^^

Expect a report from Accra within a month. 🙂


– Don’t go if you don’t speak french.
– Nothing really here, you can fuck nicer and dirtier girls in other places.
– Don’t go if you need Internet or need to use your local SIM card.
– Taxi from the airport: don’t pay more than 5 000 CFA to Akwa. There will be people waiting in the baggage claim but you don’t need their help. They potentially charge too much.
– Taxi inside Akwa: don’t pay more than 2 000 CFA. Motorbike taxis max 1 000 CFA.
– Food & soda: About 5 000 CFA. Food isn’t so great here.
– Hotels are f*cking poor and expensive. But friendly staff. A hotel night is a minimum of 30 000 CFA.
– Girls (long time): Less than 30 000 CFA. 20 000 CFA was fine for me and maybe I wouldn’t have to even pay that. Girls aren’t so special here.
– Best pick up place: Mimosa. There is also couple other nightclubs near Mimosa and also one club just next to the Hotel Beausejour Mirabel. Couple casinos in Akwa too, but I don’t know about those.
– There will be little kids in the streets asking for money. They will be more than pleased if you can give them a coin or two or even food.
– There will be all other people asking for your money and wanting to help you. If you don’t want to pay for help don’t spend other peoples time.
– Use your brains, watch your back and don’t be stupid.
– 10 000 CFA = 15 Euros = 20 USD.
– Euros are okay to people, if you don’t have CFAs. There are some ATMs in front of the banks. Majority of the ATMs accept only VISA, but some accept MasterCard also.

Weird world

People love to watch naked bodies
…still women who don’t cover their body enough are hated
…men and women have separate dressing rooms
…you can’t go nude in public places
…people wear swimsuits

People love to have sex
…still minors aren’t allowed to make out in most of the countries
…women who fuck around are hated
…sex isn’t allowed in public places
…whores and their customers are hated

Porn turns people on
…still porn is R-rated
…Facebook allows killing / violence videos, but bans porn
…porn isn’t allowed in most of the medias
…porn is illegal in many countries

Touching feels good
…still if somebody touches your ass it’s a sexual harassment

Babies lick mothers’ boobs
…still if mother licks baby’s boobs she will get sued

Moving around….

Fun to see when my girlfriends from awesome countries are moving to Europe when I am so happy to move out from here. Seems that the grass is always greener on the other side. 😉

But one thing I don’t understand are their boyfriends. Who European man wants to live in cold & boring EU when they could live abroad with their hot girlfriends!?

Just hoping that the girls will be interested to work for me here, so they could keep their old jobs… 😉

Travelling around the world

So since last month I have been selling my stuff. I plan to leave Finland for a long time and visit as many mongering places as possible.

My plan is to spend money little as possible in every country, stay in cheap hotels, eat cheap foods… And of course exercise and fuck as much as possible! I think I will get more savings in the becoming “trip” than here, since I can work from abroad too and then I don’t have to pay my rent etc. I am sure my mind and the whole body is going to thank me. 🙂

I am not sure if I am coming back. At least the countries which I have been before have been much more fun than Finland, so I have no reason to stay here. Maybe I will stay in Pattaya or some other place ’till my death. 🙂

I have looked some countries which I will visit, and the most important ones are Philippines, Kenya, Brazil, Haiti and Japan. Mexico, Ghana, Cambodia, Cuba, Costa Rica etc would be cool too. Of course, Pattaya is also a must visit place. 😛 is the best place to look to which countries and places a monger should travel.

Everything else has been pretty easy, except than getting an insurance for this. In Finland, it’s pretty hard to get a travel insurance, which could be extended over for a year. Best offer so far has been $400 per year and I think it can’t be extended abroad. Normal travel insurances cover only like three months of staying abroad.

Maybe the point of this post is: if you can, you should leave your home country and travel around the world fucking hot girls who wanna make you and themselves happy. 🙂 Do what you want and don’t think too much!

I see so many stupid guys here in Pattaya..

“They just cannot grasp the nature of these girls.. You could build a Pattaya girl a house.. The next day she will be bitching that you didn’t buy her a car to get there.. You can never make them happy.. I keep saying it.. But so few listen.. Just bang em.. Pay em.. And throw em out.. Let them be some other fools problem.. Not yours.. ” – Tim Ward

Pattaya Walking Street Bar Rip Offs

Many of you know, that every drink you order to a girl who works in a bar or a go go club, the girl gets a commission from that. But you might not known, that when you order drinks to yourself or anybody else, in a different bar, the bar probably pays the girl a commission, even if the girl doesn’t work in that club.

Beware, if your regular girl wants to go everyday to a same place to party. For example Halo and club insomnia and ibar in Walking Street are paying the girls commission, for every drink a farang pays. The commission is normally paid to the girl’s “member card”.

Bars aren’t the only places which are paying to a hooker who brings customers. Thai whores may get commission also in several other places, like bowling clubs.

They will never tell you that, unless you ask. This is just one of the nasty games they are playing. But if you are aware of this, you have nothing to worry about. Just think, does the girl really care about money or you more. No money, no honey.

However for poking thai girls, insomnia / ibar is a great place. However, i like more about the insomnia (upstairs), because they play hard trance. In ibar there is just plain regular club songs.