Don’t stay in a fancy hotel

Many escorts in the development countries have started to live like their customers, because their customers live in their trip even more luxury than normally. Their customers give a possibility to the girls to live the extraordinary life. If you are a nice and fun man, hookers will have good time with you, regardless where you live or what you buy for them.

If you bring your escort to an expensive hotel or luxury villa, they start immediately think how they can just suck everything out of you. Sooner than you notice, you have start buying clothes, drinks and stuffed animals to your girls. And you can’t stop that, because you want to be a good man. Even if your escort is a good person, she thinks that you can buy everything you want in her country, because she thinks you are a rich man and spending money in her country doesn’t feel in your pocket.

Important thing is to make an impression, that you are a poor man. Live in mid class or cheap hotel – in that way you get also many extra days to your holiday! When they ask what you do for living, say that you don’t earn much. Think what you buy to yourself and especially think what you buy to your girl. Live like normal people in the destination country. When you make a first impression like that, the girl understand that she can not ask anything that she wouldn’t normally have afford to. When you do like that you can live and eat like normal people in that country. That feels just great.

Also strip clubs, gogo clubs and other luxury places are quite a wrong way to make a cheap impression. Especially if you buy ton of drinks to your girl and her friends. Go to a disco and try to get to known to the local girls by offering drinks etc. Ask fellow sex travellers what are good places to meet good lookin’ local chicks. Many of the gogo girls, strip dancers and freelancers go to discos when they have free time.

Of course, there is always couple dangers when you poke a chick from a club or disco:

  • In a strip club and go go place, you will see everything, because the girl’s have very little clothes or they are nude. When you see a “girl” in a club there is a danger that she is fat, have’s scars or has a dick.
  • When you go to a strip club, brothel or a go go club, the girls are the place’s employees. That means if you have a problem, you can always contact their bosses. That is why normally you can trust to a girl who works in a official bar. No need for safe… alright, if you are smart enough you will use safe anyway. 😉
  • When you meet a girl in a club, there is no insurance, that she doesn’t have any STDs. Normally girls in strip clubs, brothers and go go clubs are forced to go through medical examinations once a month – which means that very likely they don’t have any diseases.

Of course, these advices doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay for the girls’ services. Before taking the girl, negotiate the price with her, but don’t be stupid. If the girl is good, remember to give a tip and always respect your escort. Of course you can spend when you stay with your girl, but think before you buy.