General advices

Before the trip

Choosing the country

What kind of girls you like?

  • Small => go to Asia
  • Big => go to Carribean or Africa
  • Long and beautiful => go to Russia
  • Cute and white => go to Estonia

You should look information about from the country in International Sex Guide (ISG). It is the best site for looking information about sex, paying for sex and sex travelling.

Always find out, if you need a visa to get the country. Some countries have a arriving fee (like Dominican Republic), when you have to pay a small amount to get to the country. Remember, that you have to get a visa to the countries too, through which you fly to the destination.

Booking the flight

Always book a flight that you can cancel or re-schedule without a huge fee. When having fun abroad, you can never know when you (have to) miss a flight.

Inside the country

If you want or think something, say that. If taxi driver asks you more money than you have read that is reasonable, say no and get another. If your girl says she wants to do something and you don’t want, say it to her. If you want do something, say it to her.

It’s your holiday, so don’t stress too much. Do what you have wanted to do all your life. Don’t think too much.

Always respect locals and the country. Prostitutes are real people with feelings. They are hurt easily and more often than not have had a difficult life, so treat them better than yourself.