Who pays for sex?

You may think that people who pay for sex are old, ugly and pussies. In that case, you haven’t met Tim “Sharky” Ward.

Tim Ward is everything a woman can wish:

  • Great, nice, guy
  • Strong and great looking
  • Wealthy (multimillionaire)
  • F*cking cool

Tim is a man with a wonderful attitude! He helps people and animals, who are in need. You can follow Tim on Twitter.


Tim Ward isn’t alone. In every country’s red light district that I have visited, has more handsome looking guys than in fancy night clubs in mainstream destinations. In my trips I have get to known many men who are regularly paying for sex and most of them are the kindest and coolest people I’ve ever met.

I suggest that beautiful women, who want to have great sex, should look guys from red light districts rather than from normal nightclubs. But the problem is, that an average girl isn’t what mongers are normally looking for.

So what to do at home?

Most of us don’t have the possibility to travel around the year and we spend a lot of time at home. So how you can satisfy your sexual desires by yourself – without getting a chick from the bar?

To this posting I have collected some ways to get maximum pleasure by yourself.


Many people don’t know this, but there is a perfume, which smells like a pussy. It’s a great way to get oneself aroused by just smelling the perfume. Read more about the perfume from here.




Everybody knows Fleshlight, right? It’s the best thing a man can buy, if we exclude buying real girls. 😉 Fleshlight feels great and nothing feels better. It’s like a real pussy. Check newest Fleshlight offers from here.


Realdoll is the ultimate sex toy! There are many different companies which make dolls which look and feel like a real girl. Even the Fleshlight feels better and more realistic as a pussy, it’s a whole different thing to have sex with a real doll than masturbating with a fleshlight.

The Doll Forum is the best place for comparing different realistic dolls and their makers. Doll Forum lists all doll makers from different price ranges and you find great reviews and photos from there!

So what about me? I love young, petite and slim girls, so is there a doll for me? Sure! I ordered a 132 cm (4’3″) preteen sex doll. 😀 You can compare 132 cm doll and normal sized doll via the pic on the left.

www.dsdoll.us is one place to order these kind of dolls, but there are other companies too.

I have uploaded some photos of my own doll to www.nastypeep.com.

The new years eve is soon and I have some big plans for the next year, so stay tuned! 🙂

Don’t stay in a fancy hotel

Many escorts in the development countries have started to live like their customers, because their customers live in their trip even more luxury than normally. Their customers give a possibility to the girls to live the extraordinary life. If you are a nice and fun man, hookers will have good time with you, regardless where you live or what you buy for them.

If you bring your escort to an expensive hotel or luxury villa, they start immediately think how they can just suck everything out of you. Sooner than you notice, you have start buying clothes, drinks and stuffed animals to your girls. And you can’t stop that, because you want to be a good man. Even if your escort is a good person, she thinks that you can buy everything you want in her country, because she thinks you are a rich man and spending money in her country doesn’t feel in your pocket.

Important thing is to make an impression, that you are a poor man. Live in mid class or cheap hotel – in that way you get also many extra days to your holiday! When they ask what you do for living, say that you don’t earn much. Think what you buy to yourself and especially think what you buy to your girl. Live like normal people in the destination country. When you make a first impression like that, the girl understand that she can not ask anything that she wouldn’t normally have afford to. When you do like that you can live and eat like normal people in that country. That feels just great.

Also strip clubs, gogo clubs and other luxury places are quite a wrong way to make a cheap impression. Especially if you buy ton of drinks to your girl and her friends. Go to a disco and try to get to known to the local girls by offering drinks etc. Ask fellow sex travellers what are good places to meet good lookin’ local chicks. Many of the gogo girls, strip dancers and freelancers go to discos when they have free time.

Of course, there is always couple dangers when you poke a chick from a club or disco:

  • In a strip club and go go place, you will see everything, because the girl’s have very little clothes or they are nude. When you see a “girl” in a club there is a danger that she is fat, have’s scars or has a dick.
  • When you go to a strip club, brothel or a go go club, the girls are the place’s employees. That means if you have a problem, you can always contact their bosses. That is why normally you can trust to a girl who works in a official bar. No need for safe… alright, if you are smart enough you will use safe anyway. 😉
  • When you meet a girl in a club, there is no insurance, that she doesn’t have any STDs. Normally girls in strip clubs, brothers and go go clubs are forced to go through medical examinations once a month – which means that very likely they don’t have any diseases.

Of course, these advices doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay for the girls’ services. Before taking the girl, negotiate the price with her, but don’t be stupid. If the girl is good, remember to give a tip and always respect your escort. Of course you can spend when you stay with your girl, but think before you buy.


Free squirt porn videos

When you can not get laid, you can always watch porn and masturbate!

If you like to watch when girls are squirting or peeing, you should definitely check out and bookmark www.squirtwild.com.

There is lots of extreme fetish squirting and pissing videos and the it’s totally free. Be sure to share the site to your friends too!

Avoid family and beach destinations

Where ever you go, the quality of the women is always poorer in the beach and family destinations. In popular family destinations, the prices are high too.

If you can, choose a city and travel to the beach at daytime with a car or swim in the swimming pool.

Only exception here is Pattaya, which has a Jomtien / Pattaya beach, but this doesn’t count, because it isn’t really a beach destination and you don’t want to swim in that water.

General advices

Before the trip

Choosing the country

What kind of girls you like?

  • Small => go to Asia
  • Big => go to Carribean or Africa
  • Long and beautiful => go to Russia
  • Cute and white => go to Estonia

You should look information about from the country in International Sex Guide (ISG). It is the best site for looking information about sex, paying for sex and sex travelling.

Always find out, if you need a visa to get the country. Some countries have a arriving fee (like Dominican Republic), when you have to pay a small amount to get to the country. Remember, that you have to get a visa to the countries too, through which you fly to the destination.

Booking the flight

Always book a flight that you can cancel or re-schedule without a huge fee. When having fun abroad, you can never know when you (have to) miss a flight.

Inside the country

If you want or think something, say that. If taxi driver asks you more money than you have read that is reasonable, say no and get another. If your girl says she wants to do something and you don’t want, say it to her. If you want do something, say it to her.

It’s your holiday, so don’t stress too much. Do what you have wanted to do all your life. Don’t think too much.

Always respect locals and the country. Prostitutes are real people with feelings. They are hurt easily and more often than not have had a difficult life, so treat them better than yourself.

Mongering dictionary

  • Bar fine = The price you have to pay to the bar / strip club / go go place, to get the girl with you.
  • LT = Long time = You can sleep with the girl whole night. If you are nice to the girl, they want to be with you the next day too.
  • ST = Short time = You fuck the girl ½-2 hours in the bars own room or take to your room and bring her back.
  • GFE = Girlfriend experience. Take a good care of the girl and have fun and you will get this.
  • OWO = Oral without (condom)
  • Incall = you go to the girls place
  • Outcall = the girl comes to see you
  • A tip = always give a good tip to the girl, they have earned it. You are more wealthy than them.
  • Mama-San = bar manager
  • Virgin = Periods
  • I don’t have a boyfriend = I have a boyfriend
  • I love you = You are a good guy, can you give me your money?

Thai slang

  • Falang = Farang = Foreign
  • Tatata = Taptap = Boomboom = To fuck
  • 555 = HaHaHa = LOL
  • Kiukau = hungry
  • Narak = cute
  • Makmak = lots
  • Swail = beautiful
  • Mai au, mai shai = I don’t want
  • You nan lee = you are
  • Me ni lee = I am
  • Mai ben lai = It’s okay (I am alright/I don’t want)
  • Baa, bababobo = Crazy/Stupid (sometimes in a good way 🙂
  • Leo leo = Hurry up
  • Aloi = Delicious
  • Alai = What? (don’t get confused with “alai” and “I like”!! :D)
  • Sbai dii mai kap = How are you?
  • Katoy = Lady boy
  • Muay Thai = Thaiboxing
  • Alomsia = Upset
  • Arphaporn = Upset maaak
  • Tiep = Hurts
  • Mai = No (can also be question like: aloi mai = is it delicious?)
  • Dee = Good
  • Chok dee kap = Good luck (Almost like Hello, see below)
  • Sawa dee kap = Hello (pronounced almost like Swodee kap)
  • Tam alai = What are you doing?
  • Bai nai = Where you go?
  • Som nam na = Though luck
  • Pak wan = Sweet mouth
  • Naam plau = water
  • tee sud = so much / more than anything

Pattaya, Thailand

For mongers, Pattaya is definitely the best place where you can visit. There is dozens of strip clubs, go go places and bar girls in the Walking Street starting at 20 pm. For the day time, there is freelancers in the beach road, but they don’t look so good. Near the beach road there is couple Sois full of girl bars which are full of girls in the daytime. So just walk the beach road on daytime and look for small roads full of girls and you will find a beautiful girl which you can take back to your place.

 You can get around Pattaya by a bus. Just jump in to a bus, which is already having people in. Then press the stop button, when you want to leave the bus and pay 10 baht to the driver. You can pay more, but you get nothing back. The reason to jump into the bus only if it has already people within it, is that you don’t have to pay extra for a private ride. If you jump into a bus, which doesn’t have anyone in, it may cost you 200 baht.

The hotels suck in Pattaya, so I would suggest you to rent a good villa with a pool. Villa prices starts from 6 000 baht per night. You can search a good villa from TripAdvisor. Best places for a villa is near Pratumnak, since pratumnak is near Walking Street and Jomtien beach. However, walking from Pratumnak to Walking street takes more than 15 minutes, so you should use a bus to get from place to place or rent a vehicle.

Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Patong is a relatively small place for mongers. There is about dozen strip clubs and same amount of go go places. The girls here look same as everywhere in Thailand. The best part of Patong, which separates it from other parts of the Thailand, is a very fine beach with lots of possibilities to water sports. If you take your girl to jet ski or paragliding they will be more happy than ever. Of course, there is lots of other tourist activities in the Patong too.

You can get around Patong by motorbike taxi (100 baht) or by tuktu (200 baht) (fucking expensive). So maybe it’s wiser to rent a car or a motorbike, but remember to be careful in the traffic.

Best place to visit is the Soi Seadragon, in the Bangla Road. Behind the closed curtains there is many strip clubs, where you can take the girls back to your room. If you don’t worry about having the perfect chick, you can always have fun playing different games with go go girls in the center of the Soi Seadragon.

Of course you can hook with a freelancer in the Bangla Road or other parts of the Patong at night time. Discos aren’t worth visiting by yourself, there is only falangs (=foreigns) because of the fee.

Bar fine in Patong strip clubs is about 1 000 baht, depending which time you take the girl and do you have long time or short time with her. You need to pay the girl about 2 5000 baht for a long time. Remember to tip the girls if they are nice to you.

I have been in many hotels in Patong, and the best hotel is definitely The Nap Patong . It’s a luxury hotel with a walking distance (maybe 10 minutes on foot) to Bangla Road and 5 minutes to the beach. I would suggest  you to get the Bluemoon Suite. It has a great views on the top floor, free minibar filled everyday, separated jacuzzi and shower etc.



There is three places worth visiting in Bangkok. Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and one place which doesn’t have a name.

Nana and Cowboy strip clubs / go go places are very expensive, if comparing to other parts of thailand. One night I got a 5 000 baht bill, without even drinking my self anything. So be careful out there. Long time for a go go girl is about 4 000 baht plus bar fine 1 500 baht.

I think there is more prettier girls in the Cowboy. I suggest not wasting your time on the streets. If you want to get a cheap and beautiful lady, you should ask a taxi driver or a tuktuk driver to get you some place where is many girls sitting on the line.

There is easily couple hundreds of girls and you can order one drink and walk by every girl and choose the girl you like. It costs you 2 000 baht for a long time. If they (= the bar) want more, don’t pay, you can always pay for the girl later more. Normally the girl gets 1 000 baht and the bar 1 000 baht. So if you want to be again with the same girl, you should ask her number.

Normal taxis are cheap in bangkok. You should always ask them to use the meter. You can get easily around almost everywhere under 50 baht, if you are staying in good location. One of the best locations in Bangkok is the Muse Hotel, it’s luxury hotel with very friendly staff. One night may cost anything from 6 000 baht, but it is definitely worth it. They have small gym, pool, bar etc, but the best part is that the rooms and the hotel interior looks fucking great. You do not have to pay anything to bring visitors to the hotel, but I suggest that you ask for visitors ID to be leaved to the lobby, for just your own safety.

If you want drugs or other questionable / illegal things, just ask those from the guys in the main road, who are trying to get you to see some girls or other things. It’s easy to have crazy time in Bangkok, but remember to be careful, do not piss of local people and remember to pay to the police a very large amount of cash if you get busted.