One night in bangkok

Yesterday was my first night in Bangkok. This is a fucking awesome city!

I arrived 11 am and went to walk, because I could check in hotel two o’clock. I met one man, which offered me 12-16 year old girls, pictures & video are coming later! Joke. šŸ˜‰ But from that man I bought the best weed I’ve ever smoked.

After 4 hours sleeping after my 10 hour flight, I went to Nana Plaza. Girls in Nana are quite average, like almost every other red-light district. However, after a lot of walking I found a good go go place with a very slim girl. If you walk Nana little bit and go to a side street, there is a lot of beer bars downstairs Ā and on the second floor there is gogo places. I was fucking horny after viagra and smoking. It was a dark place and blinking different colors of lights. The girl shaked her ass on my pants and I saw everything slow motion. I think that is in my top ten experiences.

However, I wanted something more, I walked and walked and visited many places. The Disco in Nana was almost empty, so don’t go there. There is a 200 baht entry fee. So I thought if I don’t find the best looking girl I will go to my hotel (Muse Bangkok) by myself. However, the taxi driver suggested that we could go to see girls in a different place, which closes 4 am (Nana was closed 2 am).

In that place I found a wonderful, funny and small girl. All in one package. šŸ˜‰ We fucked two times, and tried to sleep. Neither of us were capable to sleep so we fucked two times again. She had a great pussy too. And the sounds were awesome. šŸ™‚ After four times, spooning, many showers etc, it was already two pm and she need to leave, because I couldn’t let her sleep. ;D Sadly, she didn’t want me to take pictures of her naked.

Now I am writing this and going to gym after. I haven’t eated good (here is fucking awesome food, but all the time goes to partying so no time to eat like home (3 big meals + gainer + breakfast…), so I think I can lift maybe myself of the bench. šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow to Patong! I suggest Hotel Muse Bangkok to everyone visiting bangkok, this is the most stylish hotel I have ever visited. Everyone speaks great English and are very friendly too.


One night rule

Don’t stay with a prostitute over one night. If you stay with her longer, you will get a real girlfriend experience. Of course, that is sometimes what people want, but with prostitutes, it can get really complex.

You start to have feelings towards her and she starts to feel something towards you too. She knows now that you are a gentleman and may start to use that against you. You may start to buy her expensive clothes, dinners and do not think about money anymore, because you truly like her. And if you don’t give her something, or you look other women, she may get angry and jealous.

It will get harder and harder to leave her and find another girl. When you stay a long time with someone and then leave back to your own country, you will have her number, have her as a Facebook friend etc.

At home, you may want to spend time over phone with her. You don’t really think about money and it’s nice to talk with her. Suddenly, your monthly phone bills start to be easily over 500 dollars.

You did return to your country, where everything is fine and almost everyone has at least relatively good wealth. She doesn’t have. She still needs to work, because she and her family need money. You may get jealous, because she has another “boyfriends” and she lies that she doesn’t have customers/boyfriends. She just doesn’t want to hurt you. Also she needs money, so she asks money for whatever reason:

  • money for her children
  • money for doctor
  • money to come to see you
  • her dad’s car got broken
  • her mom’s buffalo died
  • to build a new home
  • etc

every single reason of those may also be true! But the main point is, that she needs money, even if you aren’t with her physically.

You may also spendĀ ridiculousĀ amount of time with her on Skype. It makes you happy, but you could use the same time working or real life and you could have moneys to second trip sooner than you think.

You understand about lady in pattaya? number 1 is money number 2 is sex number 3 is love and number 4 is lies!

When youĀ realizeĀ to leave her (or to get marry with her), you have spent lots of money.Ā AlthoughĀ for me, it has always been worth it. If you like girls and sex as much as I, you can’t really put any price to pussy.

Which country?

For a first time sex traveler, it is easiest to check the commonly known destinations from Wikipedia’s Sex tourism page. These includeĀ Ā Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Colombia and Thailand.

Then it depends what kind of holiday you want and what kind of women you like. Do you like to relax or party, lay on a beach or only fuck days and nights? You need to think about the atmosphere too. In some countries you can lay back and in others you need to be secured all the time. Your holiday is easily ruined if you meet some bad girls, thieves etc.

Asian beach heaven for a first timer

For example, if you want a beach holiday and a Asian lady, I would go to Patong beach, Phuket in Thailand. There is a single walking road where all the hundreds of girls are located and at the end of the road there is a perfect beach, with jet skis and other kind of activities. There is some girl friendly luxury hotels near the beach too, remember to ask how much a visitor costs you per night. Normally it’s like 1500 bahts (50$) per girl.

Ebony heaven with (mostly big) chicas

If you like black women a good place to start is Sosua in Dominican Republic. There is some nice beaches, but those beaches don’t have jet ski or other fast activities. Dominican Republic is a great place especially for people who visit or live near USA. It takes only couple hours to fly to Puerto Plata (Sosua’s airport) from Miami for example.

The night life is fucking crazy (but boring too…). I mean in the walking road (Pedro Clisante) at nights there are _only_ working girls, drugs and guns. So just walk and you don’t even need to ask to get viagra, extacy, cocaine, weed or pussy. There isn’t any cool flashing lights or beats like in Phuket’s Bangla Road. So you just need to sit a bar (Rumba is a good place to start), order something and wait until you see a perfect girl. Remember to wait, there are lots of girls who want your money, but you can get a quality girl only by seeking one for a long time.

The best place in Sosua is definitely La Passions. You can not find better looking girls elsewhere in Sosua. Most of the girls there are really nice too, definitely girlfriend material and quality time. Only problem is that you can not get a real girl friend experience or be with the girls many days, because they have to return to the bar at about 10 am. But if you like some one there, you can always return for example 6 pm and pay 5 000 Dominican pesos (130$) to take the girl with you again. If you go 10 pm, taking overnight costs 3 500 pesos etc. La Passions’ manager is a great person too.