Pattaya Walking Street Bar Rip Offs

Many of you know, that every drink you order to a girl who works in a bar or a go go club, the girl gets a commission from that. But you might not known, that when you order drinks to yourself or anybody else, in a different bar, the bar probably pays the girl a commission, even if the girl doesn’t work in that club.

Beware, if your regular girl wants to go everyday to a same place to party. For example Halo and club insomnia and ibar in Walking Street are paying the girls commission, for every drink a farang pays. The commission is normally paid to the girl’s “member card”.

Bars aren’t the only places which are paying to a hooker who brings customers. Thai whores may get commission also in several other places, like bowling clubs.

They will never tell you that, unless you ask. This is just one of the nasty games they are playing. But if you are aware of this, you have nothing to worry about. Just think, does the girl really care about money or you more. No money, no honey.

However for poking thai girls, insomnia / ibar is a great place. However, i like more about the insomnia (upstairs), because they play hard trance. In ibar there is just plain regular club songs.