Report from Accra, Ghana

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This was a lot of better country than Accra, in my opinion. Very safe, I walked around the streets at nights by myself etc. Everybody spoked English and in every place I was more than welcomed. People in Ghana are super friendly and it has a very relaxed atmosphere.


They asked yellow fever documents and visa on arrival, so ensure that you have those. There are ATMs on the airport, so it’s easy to get some Ghana Cedis immediately. Except that I tried to get 800 GHS from the ATM and it kept printing like 1 000 of receipts from the transfer, until we got someone from the money exchange to help us. 😀

From airport to downtown, expect to pay max 20 cedis for taxi. There are some guys at the uniform in the airport, which are asking do you have a drive. Like always, these guys are asking too much money. So don’t go with them. Outside the airport there are normal taxis (you notice taxis in Ghana by their yellow corners). Those are just as good as the other taxies.


I stayed at Niagara Hotel, which costed 150 cedis per night. That was a very friendly hotel. Of course, the staff were also looking for tips and offering that they could show Ghana around for like 500 cedis (what a rip-off :p). But these guys treat you like their friends.

There was also a restaurant and a bar. Wi-Fi worked great! Comparing to Cameroon, where it didn’t work at all. But everything else in my room in Niagara was very outdated and in poor condition.

Niagara is quite center of Accra. Just a walking distance to the Vienna City club.

Pick-up places

Well… I have to say that I was expecting more like Dominican Republic experience or something else – since I understood from International Sex Guide, that Ghana is really great… But there aren’t so places for sex tourists.

First night I went to Vienna City like 8pm and it was empty. Couple gays came to talk with me while I was eating. And that’s really all. One guy approached me and took me to small street which was full of street prostitutes. Nothing really worth of mentioning – they didn’t look so great. And it is just weird to pick somebody from the street when you have no connection with them and immediately start negotiating the prices… I am totally more like a GFE guy. But yeah, I took one girl for 50 cedis all night, which was a mistake. We didn’t have any kind of connection and she was just coughing all the time and didn’t look so healthy in other ways too. The guy asked me like 30 cedis from his help!? Wtf! But we agreed 15, which was a too much but I just wanted to get rid of him…

So I went with the girl to my hotel and took a beer in the hotel’s bar and went to my room. Still, no connection. Neither of us wanted to fuck. So I tried to sleep and after a while I went to pee and she followed me and peed next to me to the shower, which made me horny. But still, neither of us wanted to fuck and she went home. I’ve read the stories that in Africa the girls are coming back to your room in the next night, wether you ask for them or not. So did that girl. I have no idea why. Se just opened my door and walked right in, without any notice at all. Well I was going to eat anyway so I took her with me, but we didn’t really talk anything, just watched away. She didn’t understood English well, since she weren’t from Ghana. So I gave her 20 cedis and sent her away. She had tried to come again on the next night, but the friendly hotel staff has sent her away since they knew that I didn’t like that girl.

Some other day I went to check out Jokers, which was recommended everywhere as the best place to pick up professional whores. It was like 11pm in Saturday and it was closed and there was nobody inside or outside.

I also went to check the Accra Mall. Well, there weren’t really anything – specially no girls to pick-up. The movie theatre look small and rubbish. There were some expensive stores, if you have a reason to spend your money on luxury in Africa… but nothing for me.

After Accra Mall I went to the Labadi beach, which I’ve heard is another great place for picking up girls in daytime. The beach was shit. There weren’t really any girls. One girl wanted to show me around the place, but she didn’t look so great so I chose to walk around by myself.

At the last night I went to Vienna City again, and this time for my luck there were people. It wasn’t packed but still some faces to look. 🙂 There were couple okay looking girls, waiting for a oburoni (white man) to pick them up, but nothing special. So I left without a date.


So I left Ghana and went to Costa da Caparica, Portugal. Since it was the only route through which I could access to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil- Portugal is a wonderful place, if you already have somebody to be with. If not, you will end up watching hot teens on the beach and wanking yourself to sleep, like me. But when I get a Schengen visa to some girl, I will definitely bring her here.


  • Better than Cameroon
  • Very friendly people, who speak English
  • Nothing to see for a tourist. Beaches aren’t so great.
  • The food was okay and rarely very good.
  • Long time with a girl: under 150 cedis (of course, depending of the quality etc)
  • Best place to look for a girl is Vienna City and it’s near surrounding streets.
  • Taxis 5-20 cedis (depending about the distance)
  • 100 cedis = 22 eur = 33 usd
  • Ghana isn’t really a place for a sex tourist, but yeah, if you want some African pussy, you can get it here. But from my (very limited) experience, African girls aren’t anything special and there aren’t many prostitutes in Ghana when comparing to known sex tourism destinations
  • If you are a straight woman or a gay, Ghana might be one of your dream destinations. When I was leaving like 20 men and 2 women had asked my number.
  • Damn I miss Asia…