Report from Akwa, Douala, Cameroon

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Preparing for the trip

My first visit on this around-the-world trip was Douala city in Cameroon. Before I could go to the country, I had to had a yellow fever vaccination and a visa. Those are required from all people who are entering to the country outside Africa. You should also consider other vaccinations and medications too, of course. The 3 month visa cost about 100 euros.

Airport & flight experiences, Turkish Airlines

So like five days ago I left from Finland. It was a great flight, I was allowed to flight next to President Ahtisaari’s bodyguard, who was a awesome guy. We talked the whole flight from Helsinki to Istanbul. Just front of our seats were sitting Mr. Ahtisaari himself and her secretary, who also were great persons. Ahtisaari is one of my top idols in this world.

Turkish Airline’s business class was nothing special. Normal food, service and I didn’t specially loved the seats, because my lower back was just operated two months ago. I preferred Finnair’s lie-flat seats and American Airline’s business class. The plane wasn’t especially new, but overall the experience was okay. And the tickets costed only 2 000 euros. 🙂

Istanbul Turkish Airlines Business Class Food

So when we arrived to Istanbul I had lots of time to spend in the Turkish Airline’s Istanbul CIP. There were good service, great food and drinks, bool table, golf simulator, couple games etc. I enjoyed it. Too much. I watched the departure time in the screens, but didn’t realise, that ummm…, that’s the fucking departure time and the boarding closes well before that. So I missed the boarding by like 5 minutes. Damn.

Then I went to get a new flight from Istanbul to Douala. Gladly Turkish Airlines had flights from Istanbul to Douala once in a day. Since I had business class tickets that only cost me 10 euros, which was a relief. Since I had to go outside to book a new flight from departures, there was no way to get my luggage back. F*cking shit. 🙂

So I got a cab and told the driver to get me to the airport hotel. He didn’t speak like a word of English. So we drove around and I told him to bring me back to the airport. The airport security told him what I meant. He was going to miss the turn to the hotel again, but gladly I noticed that. The airport hotel was like a normal airport hotel. Just for sleeping the night. They charged me like 150 euros.

Next day I spent my time in the Istanbul CIP. It got boring. And for some reason I didn’t have access to the suites. My flight from Istanbul -> Yaondee -> Douala took like 9 hours and people with long distance flights (over 8 hours) or transit flights (over 5 hours) should have access to suites. But in general, suites in CIP are a great idea. There were only normal chairs in the CIP, but I would prefer some seats where I could have been lie flat or sleep.

So my flight left like 5 pm and this time I didn’t miss my flight. Even at this age, you still learn something every day. 😉 There was only one white guy in the boarding besides me, so Douala isn’t especially a tourist place. But that’s not a problem for me, that’s exactly what I have been looking for – at least so I have been thinking. We arrived like 1:30 am, an hour late. That wasn’t a problem for me. But the problem was, that our bags didn’t arrive. The plane was too full so they did left our bags to Istanbul and would send those to Douala in the next flight. Damn. I have had the same clothes since I left from Finland… Gladly there was a toothbrush in the package which Turkish Airlines gave to business passangers. 😀

Arriving Douala

I wasn’t sure if someone from my hotel (Beausejour Mirabel) was going to pick me up from the airport. So some guy approached me and asked if I needed help. I was okay with that, since I knew the taxi prices. (Always check the taxi prices from the Internet before you are going somewhere. Otherwise, you will get ripped off.) Gladly the Hotel had send someone to pick me up, after all. So I noticed that guy with my name on his sign and told that other guy that I was okay. Of course he asked a tip for his help. I had tried to find Cameroon’s currency from all airports, but nobody had that (Central African Francs). So I gave him 20 euros, because I didn’t have anything else. :E That’s huge amount in Cameroon. Gladly there were couple ATMs on the way to the hotel so I could get some CFAs.

We arrived to to the hotel and I was starting to figure it out, that nobody here really spoke any English. You will get what you want in the end, but having a conversation is virtually impossible and even asking a taxi driver to take you to a restaurant or to a bank can be f*cking difficult.

This was my first time in Africa. The hotel was shit and overpriced. I tried to look hotels from TripAdvisor and other places, but there shouldn’t be big differences. When you are going to Cameroon, you should expect poor hotels with quite big price tags.

Akwa, Douala, Cameroon Hôtel Beauséjour Mirabel Hôtel Beauséjour Mirabel Akwa, Douala, Cameroon Akwa, Douala, Cameroon

First days

First night I decided, it’s better to just go to sleep, since I hadn’t been slept well in the last few days. I woke up in the morning and went to look around. Couple little kids wanted money so I bought them sandwiches. They smiled and left, escpecially one older girl. 🙂 (Even buying a sandwich can be hard here, when you don’t speak any french. :D) After that I went to look for underwear, so I could change at least some of my dirty clothes. I got couple of t-shirts, underpants and socks for 10 000. Not sure, if I paid too much or not, but that’s okay. Didn’t really bargain, because they didn’t speak English well. But they were friendly. Then another guy asked me to take look of his store, I thought I didn’t need anything so I just kept walking, but then he asked again and I took a quick look. I said that I am so sorry, but I don’t buy anything and he got mad. 😀 It seems to be like this in every place, first people are friendly, you are their brothers, skin colour and money doesn’t matter and all that sh*t. When they realise they can’t get to your pockets they get fucking mad. I am not sure, if that’s a smart way of doing business or not. I wouldn’t do business with them or recommend that store to anyone.

Seeking out

After I got the clothes I went back to my hotel to work. I haven’t ever used so shitty Internet as I used in Akwa. Don’t expect the Internet to be working at all in there. Later that night I went to walk and search some girls. I walked around until someone stopped me and said, that it isn’t safe to go there or I will get robbed or beat. Some people here in Douala are very friendly, the hotel staff was nice too. So I walked to another direction. Some cigarette street sellers stopped me and asked where I was going I said I am trying to find some nightclub. They pointed me forward to some club, which seemed to be a strip club. Except the fact, that there weren’t any strippers. There weren’t really other people at all. And it was a Saturday night.

So in front of that club I took a taxi. I asked the driver recommend a nightclub and he took me to Mimosa. The driver said that in the opposite building there is a great nightclub too. (There is a club right opposite Mimosa, but I think the driver didn’t mean that. Behind that building there should be another club, which could be worth visiting… But I hadn’t had time to go there.).

So we arrived and when I opened the door the sexiest girl which I had seen sen Akwa just grabbed my hand and pulled me inside (not her, into the club). I hadn’t had any problem with that – I like girls who take approach and take what they want. So we went inside and ordered drinks and then she put my hand to her tits, pussy and ass and I rubbed her all over. ^^ That was great.

Outside the club there was some private taxi and the girl said he was her friend so we took off with that. I said that lets go to the airport to get my luggage and the girl didn’t had any problem with that. At the airport I realised that it was 12pm and the plane was arriving at 1am. So we went back. The girl wanted back to the bar so we took another beers and went back to my hotel with the same taxi. The driver wanted 15 000 CFA. What a rip off. No way I would pay that amount to him. I had already given 2 000 to the beer and he kept the changes without even asking that from me. What an asshole. I negotiated the price down to 10 000 CFA and even that was too high for me.

While we negotiated I think the girl realised that I wasn’t too rich. So when we arrived to the room she was faking drunken and wanted to sleep. I said her lets fuck or get out. She said give her 10 minutes. I was pissed off. I waited 5 minutes and carried her handbag outside. She realised that I was for real and that it was better to fuck me. To her it was okay with or without condom. At this time, I was smart enough to wear a rubber. Maybe I have grown up or some shit like that. Nothing special. I love fucking but that was really my worst experience ever. She was like a dead meat. Just like fucking a whore without any kind of girlfriend experience at all. I licked and fingered her like a minute but she wasn’t pleased and asked me inside her. So I came. In like 5 seconds. F*ck! In the morning we fucked again, for 30 seconds until I came! Seems that I have a problem… 😀

She talked all the bullshit that she liked me etc, but she didn’t even try to sound realistic. It was easy to be with her because neither of us had any kind of feelings. No broken hearts at this time. That was a problem too – I like having feelings with the girls I am spending time with or fucking. I said to her that I needed to work, since I really had lots of work to do, and sent her away. She didn’t ask any money but I gave her 20 000 CFA and she was very happy to that.

After that I worked all day and booked flights to Accra, Ghana. I had already bought tickets to Accra but I didn’t want to stay in Cameroon any longer – especially since my phone’s SIM and the hotel’s Internet weren’t working.

Leaving to Accra, Ghana

Next morning I went to the airport. I was there like three hours before the departure. Even the check-in wasn’t open yet. It should be okay to arrive two hours before the departure, but of course it’s better to bee too early than too late. 🙂

In the checkin the security took a long inspection to my passport, visa, departure flights etc. First he said that my visa isn’t valid since it had expired in 13.06.2014. But then he noticed that it was 2017, not 2014. Then he asked my flight bookings from Ghana. I had bookings from Accra, Ghana to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in “22. elo 2014” and he asked me what month is “elo”. I was stupid enough to tell the truth – I said it’s in the next month – after 45 days. I had only 30 days visa to Ghana. He said that if I agree that there is a problem he could help me and would be pleased to receive some gift from me. I have no problems of giving gift to officers when there is a possible problem. HAHA. So I gave him 10 000 CFA and he was more than glad. He said there wouldn’t be any problems in the Ghana’s end and gladly he was right. In Ghana I got through without a problem.

At boarding, the security x-rayed our bags and of course the officials were interested what the hell I am keeping in my cabin baggage. There was like 400 condoms. The woman said that I am sick and later on she requested to have couple, so she could have fun with her co-worker after their shift ends. 😀

I flied from Douala to Accra with Gambia Bird. I was scared that their plane would be really small, but it was quite big actually, for that kind of flight. The staff wasn’t so nice. It was okay, but maybe they had just bad mood or something like that. They were all from Germany, since Gambia Bird is part of Germania Airlines. Flying didn’t felt so good since my operated back is still hurting from all that travelling and moving – but took off always feels like ecstasy and it’s nice to see the world from a plane. I wanna be a pilot when I grow up. ^^

Expect a report from Accra within a month. 🙂


– Don’t go if you don’t speak french.
– Nothing really here, you can fuck nicer and dirtier girls in other places.
– Don’t go if you need Internet or need to use your local SIM card.
– Taxi from the airport: don’t pay more than 5 000 CFA to Akwa. There will be people waiting in the baggage claim but you don’t need their help. They potentially charge too much.
– Taxi inside Akwa: don’t pay more than 2 000 CFA. Motorbike taxis max 1 000 CFA.
– Food & soda: About 5 000 CFA. Food isn’t so great here.
– Hotels are f*cking poor and expensive. But friendly staff. A hotel night is a minimum of 30 000 CFA.
– Girls (long time): Less than 30 000 CFA. 20 000 CFA was fine for me and maybe I wouldn’t have to even pay that. Girls aren’t so special here.
– Best pick up place: Mimosa. There is also couple other nightclubs near Mimosa and also one club just next to the Hotel Beausejour Mirabel. Couple casinos in Akwa too, but I don’t know about those.
– There will be little kids in the streets asking for money. They will be more than pleased if you can give them a coin or two or even food.
– There will be all other people asking for your money and wanting to help you. If you don’t want to pay for help don’t spend other peoples time.
– Use your brains, watch your back and don’t be stupid.
– 10 000 CFA = 15 Euros = 20 USD.
– Euros are okay to people, if you don’t have CFAs. There are some ATMs in front of the banks. Majority of the ATMs accept only VISA, but some accept MasterCard also.