Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arrived to Rio on Monday and the Football World Cup had just ended on Sunday. I stayed in the other end of the Copacabana beach (Leme).

Tried to look Copacabana hotels from the Internet and all are basically quite same. High-end hotels with good quality, but costing over $100 per night. Be careful when picking a hotel in Rio! Most of them are NOT girl friendly. I emailed like 10 hotels and only one said that I could bring visitors (Golden Tulip Continental Lime). I could recommend that hotel for everyone. It was a great stay after shitty hotels from Africa and quite mediocre hotel in Portugal. Great breakfast, easy to walk everywhere etc.

If you are staying longer, rent a accommodation instead of hotel, it will become a lot cheaper. But that won’t help a lot, since Rio is fucking expensive. Same prices than in US.

I haven’t visited Rio before, but it seemed that it’s best days as a place for a sex tourism are over. They are trying to clean the city. In the Copacabana area there were polices every corner and you have nothing to worry about there. Balcony bar is closed. Help club is closed. If you are reading mongering reports older than one year, everything has changed.

So it was Monday. I suggested like three places to the taxi driver and we went to check them all, but everything was closed, including the Balcony and Monte Carlo terma. (Termas are like FKK clubs in Germany. There is a bar, rooms where you can fuck, spa etc). Finally we arrived to Barbarella, which was open. There was a single stripper, but like 30 freelancer girls standing on the hallway, waiting for a customer. The girls weren’t anything special to my taste. Looking old, big booties, big tits. But one girl caught my attention. Damn. I am mad to myself that I didn’t realise to take a picture of her suit. White, like full body leggings with a huge neckline to navel. O_O She had silicone boobs and squat ass and a big cameltoe and nothing under her suit. And I got and erection.

She first asked for 2 000 Reals ( 667 euros ) for all night, but we settled it down to 1 000 reals. Almost every girl there asked like 1 500 for LT. Maybe because of the world cup, or then fucking is just really expensive in Rio. I almost let her go first, because I couldn’t afford to pay that amount. She immediately got another customer and just when they were going out I said to her that ok ok I will give that thousand reals and lets go. It would have been too big lossage to me if I wouldn’t got her.

So we went to my room and had great time kissing her in the shower like half an hour. Same time as she almost rubbed our skin off with soap. :p The sex… nothing to mention about. No girl friend experience. She wanted condom even for a blow job. I never had to do that before. She was so high-class as it gets. In the morning she left 9am, saying that she promised to be with me to 7am. No girl do that to me before, they have always wanted to stay with me the next day. This was definitely something new. Or maybe I am just getting old and loosing my charm.

So off she went. I was sure I wouldn’t ever see her again. I was quite tired to just fucking without any feelings at all. But it surprised me that she messaged me two days after that. She wanted to go explore Rio, because she was from Sao Paolo. So we went to see Rio’s basic tourist attractions. No kissing or anything else. Spent whole day with her and with Google Translate. She understood only like couple words of English, so we needed to use Google Translate constantly. Then when we arrived back to Copacabana she asked if I wanted go to hotel or to restaurant. I choosed restaurant, which was a mistake, since after eating she had to head back to work. After that, we never saw again.

Stayed in Rio 5 days and after that left to Medellin, Colombia. Report from Medellin coming soon!


  • Learn Portuguese (spanish help). You get along with English, but you can’t have any kind of conversation with other people.
  • All night / LT: about 1 000 reals, depending where you pick the girl and what kind of girl you pick
  • Rio is changing from red light district to a normal tourist place. But there are still lots of strip clubs, termas and other venues to pick a girl for pay for play.
  • Taxi from / to airport: about 70 reals
  • Taxis inside Rio use meters and are quite cheap
  • Everything else in Rio is quite expensive
  • 100 reals = 33 euro = 45 usd

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