Travelling around the world

So since last month I have been selling my stuff. I plan to leave Finland for a long time and visit as many mongering places as possible.

My plan is to spend money little as possible in every country, stay in cheap hotels, eat cheap foods… And of course exercise and fuck as much as possible! I think I will get more savings in the becoming “trip” than here, since I can work from abroad too and then I don’t have to pay my rent etc. I am sure my mind and the whole body is going to thank me. 🙂

I am not sure if I am coming back. At least the countries which I have been before have been much more fun than Finland, so I have no reason to stay here. Maybe I will stay in Pattaya or some other place ’till my death. 🙂

I have looked some countries which I will visit, and the most important ones are Philippines, Kenya, Brazil, Haiti and Japan. Mexico, Ghana, Cambodia, Cuba, Costa Rica etc would be cool too. Of course, Pattaya is also a must visit place. 😛 is the best place to look to which countries and places a monger should travel.

Everything else has been pretty easy, except than getting an insurance for this. In Finland, it’s pretty hard to get a travel insurance, which could be extended over for a year. Best offer so far has been $400 per year and I think it can’t be extended abroad. Normal travel insurances cover only like three months of staying abroad.

Maybe the point of this post is: if you can, you should leave your home country and travel around the world fucking hot girls who wanna make you and themselves happy. 🙂 Do what you want and don’t think too much!