Who pays for sex?

You may think that people who pay for sex are old, ugly and pussies. In that case, you haven’t met Tim “Sharky” Ward.

Tim Ward is everything a woman can wish:

  • Great, nice, guy
  • Strong and great looking
  • Wealthy (multimillionaire)
  • F*cking cool

Tim is a man with a wonderful attitude! He helps people and animals, who are in need. You can follow Tim on Twitter.


Tim Ward isn’t alone. In every country’s red light district that I have visited, has more handsome looking guys than in fancy night clubs in mainstream destinations. In my trips I have get to known many men who are regularly paying for sex and most of them are the kindest and coolest people I’ve ever met.

I suggest that beautiful women, who want to have great sex, should look guys from red light districts rather than from normal nightclubs. But the problem is, that an average girl isn’t what mongers are normally looking for.